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Signet's management team represents proven skills in financial analysis and management, real estate investment, business process design and operations, debt restructure and funds disbursements, and compliance monitoring and audits. Our corporate executives include:
Steven Weiner, President

Signet Co-founder with 30-years of experience in portfolio management, financial analysis and the overall development and operation of complex, multi-year national programs (BS Engr., MBA Finance)
Steven Cohen, CEO

Co-founder providing 35-years of experience in the acquisition, entitlement, development and disposition of real property assets for Signet affiliate investment entities (BS Bus. Adm.)
Marcia Potter, EVP

Director of compliance exams, asset management, risk assessment, appraiser staffing and program process management with lead contact responsibility for several federal clients (BS Accounting, MBA)
Gary Nesmith, SVP

Officer in charge for business process design, milestone accountability, financial procedures, commercial real estate lending and servicing operations (BBA, MBA Business Management)
Dorian Christian, SVP

Director of financial and management analysis, debt restructure, escrow disbursements, construction and real estate consulting, and construction inspections for federal agencies and banks (BS Business Administration, MS Construction Management, LEED ® AP BD-C)
Timothy Lee, SVP

Business development officer based in Washington, DC responsible for relationship management with federal agencies, financial institutions, and teaming partners. Background includes service as senior federal official and capital markets executive (BSE, MBA)
James Russell, Director

Based in Washington, DC and Director of client relations and business development. Extensive background in government programs, bank lending operations and process implementation (BA, JD)